Visual inspiration for this project: Hans Bellmer's "Doll Project"
Fancis Bacon's  "Accidentellement Puissant "and John Isaacs figurative wax work.

Civilized is a fine art installation created from beeswax and chicken wire molded from my own body. The sweet honey scent contradicts the stark internal perspective of myself presented in the drooping monster enslaved to its harsh surroundings -- a helpless by-product controlled by its environment.

Civilized explores the physical manifestation of our technology addiction, gluttonous habits and mindless servitude born from the insecurities and social constraints constantly bombarding us in modern society.


While working on the piece, I started to see past the facade of the many systems and the underlying mechanisms at play. I could see how I was apart of them and playing into them, but I could not see a way out and felt I lacked the self control to break free.

civilized vertical tv

Personally, I felt constrained by: the dominance of capitalism, the patriarchy, the biased media, the pressures of social media, the food and health industries, the schooling and college institutions, and the 9-5 job.

Civilized Collage

Sometimes in order to break through these habits and systems of control, we need to face our internal monsters. Civilized represents our ability to overcome our conditioning and succeed with creativity and art. No matter how dirty or dark your own monsters are.