I find endless inspiration from nature and how I am apart of it.  
I grew up climbing trees, making forts, tree houses and running around in the forests of NJ.
Forests seem to grounded me and nurtured my soul. I think this had a large impact on my aesthetic sensibility and sense of self.  Still to this day a large part of my inspiration, play and spiritual practice comes from going into the forest to reconnect to this side of myself and life.

My work focuses on nature to call attention and bring forth change to to our current society's dysfunctional,  fractured relationship with the our creator.  It is not enough to just call attention to this issue without action. I am exploring how I can be in symbiosis with my environment, people and nature.  I would love to see a humanity in balance with nature and know it's possible.
I am actively cultivating a community of artists, scientists, bio hackers and healers, ect. that come together to create art that helps the environment and community.
I welcome people to connect with me who are interested in my work.



2017 "Realms of the Unreal", Paxton Gate: Curiosities for Kids, San Francisco CA

2017 "Solo Show", Flywheel Coffee Roasters, San Francisco CA

2017 "Ritual", Alchemy Co-op, Berkley CA

2017 "Genetically Altered", The Omni Commons, Oakland CA

2016 "Outside In", The Mill, San Fransisco CA

2015  "We should all", Fort Gallery and Mary Weathers Oakland CA

2015 Holly H20, Guest artist Instillation, San Francisco, CA

2015 Paradigm Shift, Nature &Humans, Chez Poulet, San Francisco, CA

2015, Instilation art at Symbiosis Festival, CA

2015, Live painting at Lightning in a Bottel, CA

2015, Pretty Wild Grand Opening, Oakland, CA

2015 How Weird Street Fire, San Francisco 

2015  First Friday, American Steel, Oakland, CA

2014  Live painting at  Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (C.O.S.M). , Wappingers Falls, NY

2014  Group Show, Mayo Performing Arts Center, Morristown, NJ

2014  Solo Show, Cottage place Gallery , Ridgwood, NJ.

2013 , The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. 

2012 Eye Candy, Benedict House – LA Canvas, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Frolic, Frolic, Irresistible, RK Projects, Providence, RI

2010 INFLATE/DEFLATE, Studio 304, Providence, RI

2010 PROGRAMMED, The Apple Store, Brooklyn, NY

2010 A Space Of Uncertainty, Studio 304, Providence, RI

2010 Is This Recyclable, Under Minerva Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2009 Print making Annual Exhabition, AS220, Providence, RI

2009 Painting show, Gelman Gallery, Providence, RI

2008 Hung , Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI 

2005Best In show award, Blackwell juried art show, Morristown, NJ 



2015 The P.e.a.c.e. Museum featured my work at the Science and Non duality conference held in October at the Dolce Mansion in San Jose. Here is Deepak Chopra being interviewed in front of my work "Passing Through". Here is a full article to his interview.

2015 A review of my forest series in the NJ Monthly magazine

2015  Art work used for The Album art of Empty Vessel 

2015 Artwork used for the Album of Crowhurst.

 2011 "Interview with A.I. S.", Daniel Rolnik, ArgotAndOchre.com