Beginner's Succulent Class

Beginner's Succulent Class

from 40.00

Succulent Art Class

Ages 5-8+
March 24th from 12am-1pm
(pack a light snack if your child needs one)

Material Exploration: Sculpture & Succulent

This class is good for children, beginner gardeners and anyone looking to learn a bit about succulent care while immersing themselves in creating a miniature living world. I encourage make believe and play during this class.

Children will choose from a large assortment of different shapes, and styles D.I.Y containers for terrariums as well as succulents, moss, crystals and small plastic animals/toys to decorate the terrarium.

This is a great way to learn while playing.

During this succulent class you will learn about terrariums and the ins-and-outs of creating them.

I offer a beginner's guide to care, maintenance, & propagation to everyone and a more in depth explanation for anyone interested in learning more.

This class is hands-on, so I will have smocks but it's also always best if the children come prepared. This means kids should be dressed in clothes that can get a little dirty and prepare to enjoy an afternoon of fun, creativity and education! Also, pack a light snack if your child needs one.

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