Youth Painting Class

Youth Painting Class

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Youth Painting Class

March 24th 10am-11am
Ages 3-5 year olds (three year olds with guardian)

Material Exploration: Foam Paint and ink droppers

We create a supportive and fun environment for children to explore their creative side without the hassle of  worrying about the clean up; so they can really let loose and let another side come out. The more one is allowed to expand in a safe environment the more understanding  they have of themselves and the world around them.

Each class, I will introduce a new skill and material to play with. The hand eye coordination of working with a new material and tool is a challenge so I keep it simple. This class is focused on the development of fine motor skills, concentration, sensory play, and socialization skills.

This class is hands-on, so I will have smocks but it's also always best if the children come prepared, dressed in clothes that can get a little dirty and prepare to enjoy an evening of education, and creativity! Also pack a light snack if your child needs one.

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