Animal Mask Creations

Animal Mask Creations

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Animal Masks

March  24th 1:30-2:30
4-6 year olds
March  24th 3:30-4:30
6-8 year olds

Material Exploration: Creating animal masks with creative decorations & embellishments

 We will draw out and cut out cardboard animal/ creature masks.  The children will then decorate themselves; however, they see fit. We will have may materials for them to choose from. This can be a fun prop to add to their play bin or a just a character for the day.  This class aims to engage the children's creative minds through imaginative play, engaging storytelling & the exploration of artistic materials.

This is a great class to take as an add-on to a child's school day or as a way to prep and prepare students for Kindergarten. Art projects will focus on the development of fine motor skills, concentration,  and personal creative/ imaginative thinking. The class will include songs, games, and sensory activities.

This class is hands-on, so we will have smocks but it's also always best if the children come prepared, dressed in clothes that can get a little dirty and prepare to enjoy an evening of education, and creativity! Also, pack a light snack if your child needs one.

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