Private Art Lessons

Private Art Lessons

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Private Art Class

All Ages

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Material Exploration:

Drawing: Illustrating, cartooning

Painting: Non toxic paint, Oil paint, Encaustic, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache

Gardening:Succulent terrariums
Sculpture: Casting, Mold making,  Basic woodworking, sewing, wax work

I have helped facilitate people of all ages in their art practice at whatever stage they are at. I like to empower people with the knowledge, competency, tools and materials to create what they dream up.

I like to tell people that if you can dream it, you can create it.

I have taught people from the ages of 1.5 up to adults in various art techniques, materials and practices.

I can come to your home and set up an environment where we can create (I always leave the environment as clean as I found it) or we can create in a private art studio, so that we don’t have to worry your space.

I pride myself on creating a supportive & encouraging atmosphere where people feel safe to explore their full potential and creativity.

I tailor the lessons and projects to the student based on their interests and previous skill. My background in art ranges from classical to contemporary spanning both  2D & 3D. As a result, I have a wide breath of knowledge across the many creative mediums.

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